Useful Prom Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

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Are you planning to attend a prom event anytime soon? Then there are some useful prom makeup ideas which you can keep in mind in order to create a stellar impression of yourself at the event, especially if you have green eyes and wish to draw the attention of every single person in the room. Doing makeup for a face that has green eyes cannot be an easy thing as there are several cosmetic products that come in colors which are not compatible with this eye color. You therefore need to take the following points carefully into consideration.


Hydrate your Facial Skin

You need to make sure that you have hydrated your facial skin well enough so that the makeup that you apply over it is certain to remain for a long time rather than getting directly absorbed into your skin. This is one of the most important of steps associated with good prom makeup ideas for green eyes. The task of hydrating your facial skin is something that you can do by first cleaning your face with cleansing milk and then applying some moisture based cream or lotion over it. This cream or lotion has got to be allowed to settle into your facial skin before you actually start doing your makeup.

Apply a Black or Brown Eyeliner First followed by Green or Purple Eye Shadow

The second step which you need to take in order to implement the best prom makeup ideas for green eyes is to apply the eyeliner over your eyelids. The color of the eyeliner should be either black or brown in color. You can opt for eyeliner that is of a shade of purple as well. Thereafter you need to proceed with the application of eye shadow. This has to be done with the help of a soft eye makeup brush that is available for sale in the market along with various makeup products, precisely for this purpose.

Apply a Nude Foundation over your Face

The third important step to take for implementation of good prom makeup ideas particularly if you have green eyes is to apply a nude foundation on your face. This foundation should be moisture based so as to prevent the growth of acne and pimples on your face.


Put on a Cream colored Blush

The fourth of the prom makeup ideas which you need to execute is to apply a blush over your cheeks and under the eye lids and perhaps even on the tip of your nose. Such a blush should be of either a cream or any other beige color.

Put on Pink Lip Color

The final important step which you need to take if you are looking to implement prom makeup ideas for green eyes is to apply a lip gloss or lip stick that is either bright pink or bright mauve. This will complete your overall look, making you come across as vibrant as ever.

Thus, if you keep the above mentioned prom makeup ideas for green eyes in mind, you can certainly do a good job of making yourself look beautiful.

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