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Prom makeup ideas

Makeup Ideas for Prom

Your prom night is one of the most important nights of your life and as a girl you need to make sure that you look really good in order to remember this occasion for the rest of your existence. A good prom look is one that is synonymous is the best makeup application. You really need to take care with how you do your makeup in order to come across as a beauty on your prom night. To know more about the prom makeup ideas that can stand you in good stead, you need to keep the following points in mind.

Keep the Colors of your Garment in Mind when Doing Makeup

One of the most important prom makeup ideas which you need to keep in mind is to opt for makeup that will complement your outfit. If you wear clothes that are of pastel shades then your makeup should be of the lighter colors and vice versa.


Opt for Lip Gloss instead of Lipstick

Another one of the prom makeup ideas which is worth considering is to choose the application of lip gloss in the place of lip stick. Gloss will bring out the color of your lips well and make them look simply gorgeous.

Spend Time on your Eyes and use Liquid Eye liner Only

You need to spend a good half an hour to forty five minutes simply doing up the eyes. This is quite crucial for a great look at the prom. In this context one of the prom makeup ideas that have to be borne in mind is to use black liquid eye liner over and under the eyes. This will help to give your eyes a deep dark gothic look and you are certain to tantalize several members of the opposite sex through the use of this eye liner. The application needs to be really thick and deep in order for the impact to be so.

Choose Rose colored Blush for the Best Look

If you are wondering about the best makeup ideas for prom, then you should opt for a rose colored blush. You are certain to never go wrong with such a choice of blush as it is likely to complement whatever garment you wear irrespective of its color. Such a blush color will also highlight your cheek bones and other attractive elements of your facial features. When it comes to the application of blush, you need to do after the application of foundation, which should ideally be cream based on such an occasion, for the color of the blush to truly stand out.

Try not to use any Eye Shadow

One of the final prom eye makeup ideas which you need to bear in mind is to avoid using eye shadow that is too loud or garish. If you do so, you will simply end up scaring people away rather than drawing their attention to you. Try to do without eye shadow instead and simply be content with how beautiful your eyes look upon the application of the liquid eye liner.

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