Scene Makeup Tutorials with Pictures

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Scene Makeup Tutorials

Scene Makeup Tutorials 2016

Doing makeup for a role in a play or in a sitcom or movie is not an easy business and you often need to hire the assistance of a professional makeup artist for this purpose. This is a person who pursues quite a lucrative career and who can tell the actor exactly what needs to be done in order to get the look right for a specific role. If you want to become a makeup artist someday there are some important tips associated with scene makeup which you can keep in mind for your benefit.

Get the Foundation Right

The first thing which you need to know about a scene makeup tutorials is how to get the foundation right. This is extremely crucial. The foundation cannot be too light or too dark as the facial features of the actor will have to show very prominently on screen.

Be Aware of What Scene you are Doing Makeup for

You need to keep the kind of scene that is going to be played out when doing professional makeup for an actor. This is one of the most well known of makeup tutorial tips. There is no point in making an actor’s face look painted if the scene is one that is somber and filled with morbid elements. Makeup in such a situation has to look severely understated to the extent that one might doubt the presence of any makeup on the face of the actor in the first place.

Use Mineral Based Makeup Products

If you are interested in a scene makeup tutorials then you should know that the makeup that you do on an actor should be one that is the best in the market. Ideally the makeup products that you use on the face of the actor should be that which is of a mineral composition. By doing so, you will prevent the face of the actor from breaking out in zits later on especially if his or her skin type is not suited to the kind of makeup that is being used.


Clean and Moisturize the Face well

Prior to the application of makeup, the face of the actor has to be well cleansed and moisturized. This can be done with the help of cleansing milk and any oil based moisturizer. One of the most important tips that come with a scene makeup tutorial is to avoid using a moisturizer that is gel based. This is only going to make the facial skin of the actor very dry and you will incur some major hindrances in the application of makeup.

Rinse off Makeup after Scene is Over

Finally, if you want to know more about a scene makeup tutorials you need to remember that the makeup has to be well rinsed off after the scene has been played out. Makeup for one scene will always vary from makeup used in another scene so there should be no remnants of makeup applied in the previous scene on the face of the actor, when readying him or her for the next shot or scene.

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