Medusa Makeup Ideas for a Fashion Show

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Medusa Makeup Ideas

There can be nothing better than strutting down the ramp looking like none other than the Greek mythological character Medusa, who was famous for turning her adversaries into stone with just a single look. A Medusa look is one that is characterized by both beauty and enormous sex appeal and creating a Medusa look through makeup can prove to be a rather tricky affair. If you want to sport a Medusa look for a fashion parade or show anytime soon, there are some good Medusa makeup ideas which you can keep in mind for this purpose.

Medusa Makeup Ideas Options

Opting for an eye shadow that is of a really dark yet lustrous shade is absolutely imperative in order to create a Medusa look. This is one of the Medusa makeup ideas that has to be implemented right at the outset. It would be good to opt for an eye shadow that comes in shades such as dark fluorescent green. The eye shadow has to be applied quite generously and may even be allowed to smudge a little bit. The whole purpose of using such eye shadow is to create a really bold look which is synonymous with that of the look of Medusa.



Choose Liquid Foundation of a Dark Beige Color

Another one of the well known Medusa makeup ideas would be to choose a foundation for the face that is a combination of white and beige. The beige should be of a darker shade rather than a light shade. The beige foundation should be of a liquid base and needs to be applied in even proportion over the face and the neck. Such a foundation is certain to complement the look that you create with the use of the lustrous eye shadows bringing about a goddess ethereal feel in your face already.


Opt for the Use of Fluorescent Lip Color

The third of the Medusa makeup ideas that have to be executed would be to ensure that the lip color which you choose is that which matches your eye shadow. Green lip gloss or fluorescent green lip stick needs to be applied over the lips as well as around it. There is absolutely no need to use lip liner in order to make sure that lip color application is neat. It does not need to be so. If you have some liquid glitter in your possession you can apply this over your lips in order to create a truly glistening look.

Get your Hair rolled into Tiny Curls

The hair is also something that you need to look into if you are interested in Medusa makeup ideas. Since Medusa’s hair was made up primarily of snakes, it would be best to have your hair transformed into tiny tight curls, in the event that you have straight hair.

Thus, if you keep the above mentioned Medusa makeup ideas in mind, you are certain to be able to create a marvelous and seductive look that is akin to Medusa.

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