Best Makeup & Beauty Ideas, Tips And Face Care Products

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beauty and makeup tips
Oh, makeup! Why does it have to be so addicting? Ask any woman, girl, or any feminine-at-heart (also known as men who love makeup), and surely they play with makeup once in a while, in varying degrees. There are ladies who regard makeup as an absolute necessity, while there are women who use it only […] Read more

Authentic Geisha Makeup Tutorial Tips

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geisha makeup tip
Authentic Geisha Makeup Tutorial The look of a Geisha is one that is extremely petite and charismatic. The geisha was the Japanese counterpart of a mistress in ancient and medieval times in the Far East. If you are to create the look of a geisha on a person through the use of makeup then you […] Read more

Scene Makeup Tutorials with Pictures

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Scene Makeup Tutorials
Scene Makeup Tutorials 2016 Doing makeup for a role in a play or in a sitcom or movie is not an easy business and you often need to hire the assistance of a professional makeup artist for this purpose. This is a person who pursues quite a lucrative career and who can tell the actor […] Read more

About the Best Gothic Makeup for Guys

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Gothic Makeup for Guys
Gothic Makeup for Guys As a man, you can create quite a style trend if you attend a social event sporting a gothic look. Such a look would make you look especially cool if you were in high school or in the first few years of college life. There are various ways by which you […] Read more

Popular Asian Eye Makeup Tips for Women

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Asian eye makeup tips Asian women feature great beauty and Asian eyes in particular can tend to look incredibly beautiful if they are enhanced in the right way. One of the best ways to enhance Asian eyes would be through the use of eye shadow. The application of the perfect eye shadow for beautifying Asian […] Read more