BB Cream: What You Need To Know

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Beauty Balm Cream
What You Need To Know About BB Cream BB Cream is one of the most popular new cosmetic trends worldwide. The Korean skin care market star since the 1980s, Beauty Balm Cream is becoming increasingly more popular in the western world. You might be wondering a few things about it. For instance, you might wonder […] Read more

All about Excellent Makeup for Blue Eyes

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Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes To have blue eyes can indeed be an asset, for when you do, you are definitely able to create a favorable and interesting impression about yourself in the people who behold you. One of the best ways by which to accentuate the look that comes with having blue eyes is […] Read more

Drag Queen Eye Makeup Tips and Ideas

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Drag Queen Eye Makeup Tips A drag queen is essentially a man who dresses up in women’s clothes, in other words, a person who chooses to cross dress. The makeup adorned by such an individual is usually quite specific and now has an identity of its own. If you are a man who is looking to […] Read more

Popular Asian Eye Makeup Tips for Women

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Asian eye makeup tips Asian women feature great beauty and Asian eyes in particular can tend to look incredibly beautiful if they are enhanced in the right way. One of the best ways to enhance Asian eyes would be through the use of eye shadow. The application of the perfect eye shadow for beautifying Asian […] Read more