Drag Queen Eye Makeup Tips and Ideas

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Drag Queen Eye Makeup Tips

A drag queen is essentially a man who dresses up in women’s clothes, in other words, a person who chooses to cross dress. The makeup adorned by such an individual is usually quite specific and now has an identity of its own. If you are a man who is looking to cross dress any time soon, or are simply a budding makeup artist who is interested in creating a drag queen look, then there are some very useful drag queen eye makeup tips which you can take into consideration to do a good job of this.

Opt for Loud Eye Color Shades like Purple and Dark Green

One of the most important drag queen eye make up ideas which you need to bear in mind is to be as loud as you can. There is no subtlety that is associated with the drag queen. This is a person who likes to be bold and beautiful. The color of eye shadow, eye liner and eye pencil has to be very vibrant and one that stands out from the rest. Popular examples of the colors of eye makeup which you can opt for in order to create a drag queen look, are purple, red, dark green and very bright orange.

Use Eye Shadow made of Glitter

Another one of the drag queen eye makeup ideas which need to be considered is to engage in the use of glitter. This is absolutely imperative if you want to come across as a true drag queen. The glitter should always be applied over the upper eye lids only and should be of a liquid base in order for it to remain over the eye lids for a considerable length of time. The glitter should be applied only after the eye shadow and the eye liner has first been applied. Else it is simply to seem out of place.


Choose Kajal to do up the Eyes

One of the best ideas is to opt for the use of eye color that is of a natural composition. Kajal which is widely used in the Indian subcontinent is an eye color that you can use to create a deep dark look over and under the eyes. This is eye makeup which has to be used quite generously indeed in order for it to have a drag queen impact. You need to make sure that the eye lids and the area above and under the eyes are very well moisturized prior to the application of Kajal.

Ensure the Application of False Lashes to create a Complete Drag Queen Look

Any drag queen makeup application would be something that is entirely incomplete without putting on some false eye lashes. Such lashes need to be applied over both the upper and the lower eye lids. The false lashes should be attached in a way that these do not interfere with the application of the eye shadow and the eye liner. While black is a good color to go for, you can also opt for eye lashes that come in colors like dark brown and deep purple.

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