Different Types of Makeup Brushes and their Uses

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Types of Makeup brushes

The application of makeup can prove to be rather useless unless you deploy the right brush in order to cover your face in beautiful powder and color. There are many different kinds of makeup brushes with each of these having a specific use of their own. The availability of these makeup brushes is quite abundant and you can get to buy them from both the conventional stores as well as internet stores, the latter offering some great deals and discounts on these. To know more about the various types of best makeup brushes and their uses, read on.

Foundation Brush

When wondering about the different types of makeup brushes and their uses, one brush which you simply cannot forget about is the foundation brush. This is the brush using which you apply compact powder or cream based foundation onto your face. It is meant for a flawless and smooth finish. The tip of the brush is one that is slightly tapered in order to assist in the best application of fluid foundation. In order to use this brush well, you need to first immerse this in lukewarm water and squeeze dry. The distribution of the foundation on your face will turn out to be a lot more even than usual.

Powder Brush

Another brush that you need to keep in mind when thinking about the various types of makeup brushes is the powder brush. This is meant primarily for the application of blush and eye shadow. It is very small in size and comes with an oval shaped tip. The brush needs to be only slightly dipped in the makeup powder and then moved in round circular movements over your eye lids or over your cheeks in the event that you are applying blush.

Eye Liner Brush

When thinking about types of makeup brushes for eyes and their uses you cannot ever forget the importance of the eye liner brush. This is a brush that comes with an extra fine tip in order to ensure that the application of the fluid over your eyes is done in a manner that is entirely smudge free. The size of the brush is flat and short and it has bristles so as to ensure that the spread of the eye liner is exactly the way it is supposed to be. The brush needs to be held with a firm hand for best application.

Angel Eye Shadow Brush

If you wish to know more about eye makeup brushes and their uses, then you angel eye shadow brush. This is widely available for sale on the internet and is used mostly to color the eye sockets. The socket has a natural crease which you need to follow when using this brush to apply eye shadow powder over it. The movement of the brush has to be back and forth so that the depth of the eye shadow color is very well blended.

By keeping the above mentioned points in mind, you will be certain to know all about the types of makeup brushes and their uses.

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