Best Celebrity Makeup Tips for a Party

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Celebrity Makeup Tips

Celebrity Makeup Tips

There is nothing better than looking like a celebrity at a social event that you happen to attend. By sporting this person look you will be able to draw all attention your way. To know more about how to create a VIP look for a party, there are some celebrity makeup suggestions which you need to keep in mind.

  • Go for a Glittery Look

One of the most important celebrity makeup tips which you can keep in mind is to opt for a glittery look. Such a look is certain to go down well irrespective of the nature of event that you attend, whether formal or informal. A glittery look is one that you can get to sport through the use of foundation that has a glitter base or a lip gloss that has a glittery effect. You can even use eye shadow that has plenty of glitter in it.

  • Apply Lip Gloss in a Way that it Creates a Duck Face

Another one of the makeup tips which are worth keeping in mind is to apply the lip gloss onto your lips in such a manner that your lips look like a fish or a pout. This is deemed to be very sexy and can definitely make you popular at the event you attend. In order to be able to create the best duck or fish face or the best pout, you should opt for a lip gloss that has a lot of shine and which comes in colors like bright pink, red or orange than any of the more subtle shades.

  • Choose a Tinted Foundation and Moisturizer

If you are wondering about the best celebrity beauty secrets embrace then you should go for a foundation that is tinted rather than a regular beige or white foundation. It would also be a good idea to moisturize your face with a tinted moisturizer of a mineral base before you apply the foundation over it. By doing so, you will be able to keep your facial skin from looking too dry or wrinkled. The foundation needs to be applied in small doses for it to blend well with the color of your skin.


  • Go for Mascara by Mac

One of the celebrity makeup tips that can never go wrong is to opt for mascara by MAC. Such an eye  mascara is one that has a very long stay on effect and you can get it to last on your eyes and that too without any smudging for as long as twelve to sixteen hours.

  • Opt for Darkly Colored Brows

The final of all celebrity makeup tips which you ought to take into consideration is to ensure that your eye brows are colored in either black or brown shades. This needs to be done even if your blush and your lip gloss are of a pink color. Dark brows are those that are characterized by a lot of appeal and many blonde celebrities are now opting for a look that comes with dark brows.

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