Authentic Geisha Makeup Tutorial Tips

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Authentic Geisha Makeup Tutorial

The look of a Geisha is one that is extremely petite and charismatic. The geisha was the Japanese counterpart of a mistress in ancient and medieval times in the Far East. If you are to create the look of a geisha on a person through the use of makeup then you need to have firsthand knowledge of how to go about the process. As a result, being aware of a geisha makeup tutorial can prove to be very handy for you. The following are some of the important tips that come with this tutorial.

Opt for Bright and Lustrous Lip Color

A geisha makeup tips will tell you to pay particular attention to the lip color that you make use of when creating this look. The lips of a geisha are to look absolutely bee stung. This means that you have to use colors like crimson orange or rose red on the lips.

Choose Lip Gloss instead of Lip Stick

You also need to ensure that you that the lip color which you use in accordance with a geisha makeup tutorial is that which comes with a considerable amount of luster. It would therefore be a good idea to use lip gloss instead of moisture based or mat based lipstick.

Use Liquid Eye liner

Care needs to be taken when doing eye makeup upon following a geisha makeup tutorial. The trick is to make the eyes look really small. A lot of makeup in terms of eye liner and eye shadow has to be applied over the upper eye lips. It would be a good idea to use an eye liner that is not liquid base as such a makeup product is one that tends to smudge very easily. Instead opt for the use of an ordinary eye pencil provided it is one that has been very well sharpened.

Choose Makeup of a Herbal Composition for Creating the Best Pale Look

If you are looking to follow a geisha makeup tutorial then you need to make sure that you buy makeup products that are made up of herbal ingredients. These do not have a corrosive impact on the face and are better for creating the look suited for a geisha as such makeup is mostly available in pastel shades and thereby good for conceiving the pale look that is synonymous with the geisha.

Ensure that the Foundation is Chalk White

The final important consideration that you need to make if you are going to be following a geisha makeup tutorial in order to create a geisha look, is to be very particular about how you apply the foundation on the face. The foundation has to be marble white in color making the color of the lips and the hair and even the eyebrows and eye lids completely stand out. Use cream based white foundation, and mix this with a few drops of water after which you need to apply this evenly over the face and neck. It will taken fifteen to twenty minutes for the foundation to blend in with the actual skin color.

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