All about the Top Makeup Brands in the USA

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Top Makeup Brands

Best Makeup Brands in the USA

The use of makeup is very common among the average American citizen and several makeup brands run a flourishing business by catering to the cosmetic requirements of people of every age group. There are a number of makeup brands in America that have gained more popularity than others because of the high quality of their products and also because of their universal appeal. To know more about the top makeup companies in the USA and why buying their products could prove to be a good investment, you need to keep the following points in mind.


Revlon is one of the most trusted and indeed one among the best makeup brands in the USA. Its brand value is rated at nine hundred and eighty two million dollars and it is famous of having made super model Cindy Crawford its cover girl in the decade of the nineteen nineties. The street wear version of the makeup products by Revlon became particularly well known because of the budget prices at which nail polish, lip stick and compact powder was made available to customers and that too at all times of the year. The street wear products did not vary in terms of quality from conventional Revlon makeup.


Another one of the top best makeup brands in the USA and UK is Maybelline. This is a brand that is especially famous among women who go to college and women who are working professionals and in the early stages of their youth. Maybelline provides its customers with more than a hundred to hundred varieties of nail polish and lip color to choose from. The budget associated with Maybelline products is that which is comfortable for those who belong to a middle income background. Maybelline has recently launched mineral makeup with excellent and long lasting stay on value.


If you are wondering about the best makeup brands in Europe and United States Of America then you definitely need to keep Oriflame in mind. While it is essentially based in Luxembourg, it has a huge market in the United States of America particularly for many of its skin care products.

Makeup Art Cosmetics / MAC

MAC ranks among the top makeup brands in USA and is popular not only among the masses but also among the celebrities in this part of the world. The lip stick and foundation products of MAC have an exclusive quality about them and are meant for a high income budget only. MAC is simply an abbreviation for Makeup art cosmetics. It is a brand that is valued at sixteen hundred and thirty nine million dollars.


Clinique is also definitely one of the top eye makeup brands in the USA and is renowned for the reason that its makeup products are all that are entirely allergy free. It is popular among every beauty queen in America and its use is something that is recommended even by dermatologists. Clinique offers makeup products that are meant for use by specific skin types and has a huge market in every part of the world.

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