All about Excellent Makeup for Blue Eyes

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Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

To have blue eyes can indeed be an asset, for when you do, you are definitely able to create a favorable and interesting impression about yourself in the people who behold you. One of the best ways by which to accentuate the look that comes with having blue eyes is to use good makeup for a deep blue eyes. If you want to know how you can apply the best makeup for blue eyes, there are a number of important points which you need to keep in mind, especially if you are going to be sporting makeup on a daily basis.

Choose an Eye Shadow that is of a Vibrant Shade

One of the finest makeup tips is to opt for an eye shadow that is of a vibrant shade and which complements the color of your eyes. So when you eyes are blue, the eye shadow that you use should ideally be light pink or light brown. Such shades are likely to heavily complement the color of your eyes and make you look smashing wherever you go. The benefit that comes with brown or pink eye shadow is that such colors create an informal as well as formal look and can be therefore sported both at work as well as when attending private do’s.

Make Sure that you Apply a Pink or Purple Blush

If you want to sport good then you need to pay attention to the blush that you apply over your cheeks. The rouge that you use should be combination of deep pink and light purple. It should be evenly applied over your cheeks and always well under the cheek bones. This beautiful color combination is certain to make you look like a doll. It would be the perfect look to sport when you are attending a social do out of doors and will be exposed to plenty of sunshine.


Opt for the Nude Based Lip Colors

Suitable eye makeup for blue eyes people would be a lip color that is of a nude shade. While you may be fond of vibrant colors like red and deep pink on your lips, these are more likely to make your face look painted than anything else. Instead you should opt for the use of lip colors that come in shades like beige, light brown or even light pink and orange. The makeup shades that you apply on your face need to be of a pastel color, in order to bring out the true beauty of your blue eyes.

Go for a Look that is Moisture Based

With blue eyes, it would be a fine idea to go for a moisture based look. Wearing lipstick and eye shadow that is of a MAT texture might end up making your face look a bit too dreary. Hence a useful eye makeup for blue eyes tip would be to wear lip stick or eye shadow that is moisture based, and which will dissolve well into your facial skin while retaining a colorful look at the same time.

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