About the Best Gothic Makeup for Guys

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Gothic Makeup for Guys

Gothic Makeup for Guys

As a man, you can create quite a style trend if you attend a social event sporting a gothic look. Such a look would make you look especially cool if you were in high school or in the first few years of college life. There are various ways by which you can prepare a gothic makeup for guys. If you truly want to stand out wherever you go by showcasing such a look, then there are a number of makeup tips which you need to deploy to create such a look in the first place.

Apply White Based Foundation

The first step which you to take if you are interested in Gothic Makeup for Guys is to apply some white based foundation on your face. You have to of course make sure that this is not chalk white. It would be a good idea to first moisturize your face with some lotion and then let this get absorbed into your skin. Thereafter you need to apply the white foundation bit and bit and evenly over each and every part of the face, leaving out the area under the eyes as well as over the eyes. These are to be covered with a beige foundation. Both the white and beige foundation have to be applied in a way that these blend in with the natural color of your skin.


Opt for a Deep Application of Black Eyeliner

The second important step that needs to be taken for good application of makeup for guys is to apply some black colored eyeliner on both the eyelids. This needs to be done with care. The eye liner application should not be allowed to smudge at all as this could spoil the overall look for you. The eye liner should be mat based as only then can it be truly smudge free in nature. You also need to ensure that the application of the eye liner is deep enough in order for the look being created to come across as sufficiently bold.

Put on Grey Eye shadow and Mix this with White for a Silvery Effect

The third crucial gothic makeup for guys tip which you should bear in mind is to apply some grey eye shadow. This should be mixed with white shadow in order to create a silvery look. The eye shadow has to be applied only once the eye liner has been set properly. Care needs to be taken in application of eye shadow to avoid an overtly shiny look.

Opt for Black Lip Stick

Wearing black lip stick is something you can do if you want to sport makeup. Make sure that such a lip stick is moisture based so that you find it easy to take it off later on. Such a lip color can be well complemented with black nails.

Thus, if you keep the above mentioned points in mind, you are certain to do a wonderful job of applying gothic makeup for guys on yourself in the best way possible.

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