A Katy Perry Makeup Tutorial for Ardent Fans

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Katy Perry makeup tutorial

Katy Perry Makeup Tutorial

Are you fond of Katy Perry and her music? Then you can consider the idea of sporting a look which is very similar to hers. For this purpose you will have to do makeup that will make you look similar to her as well. Katy Perry is a beautiful brunette and her makeup style is widely coveted in many different parts of the globe largely because it’s a unique combination of glam and the girl next door look. To know more about what a Katy Perry makeup tutorial is, you need to read on.

Katys makeup tutorial: tips, ideas, looks

Ensure you have a Well Powdered Face. In order to be able to look like Katy Perry, an important Katys makeup tutorial tip which you need to keep in mind is to ensure that you have a well powdered face. This is quite crucial. Katy Perry is never known to be seen anywhere without her white powder based compact. This compact blends well with her natural skin color and gives her face its much needed shine as well. You need to dab the compact on your face in small proportions so as to not overdo the application. You don’t want to end up with a facial look that is chalk white.

Opt for a Bright Pink Lip Color

Another important Perrys makeup tutorial tip which you have to remember is to choose a lip color that is rather bright. If you have sporting a pink lip color, then make sure that it is a shocking pink color. If it is red then the lips need to look absolutely bee-stung. Katy Perry is known for her loud and gregarious lips and you also need to be sure to sport such lips in order to make yourself look as much like her as it is possible for you to do so.

Give Attention to the Mascara that you Use

If you are interested in a fashion then you need to pay attention to the eye makeup that you use. Ideally this should include eye shadow and mascara by MAC which is one of Katy’s all time favorite makeup brands. The mascara application should neither be too deep nor too light. Katy is not exactly known for her bold and black eyes but her eyes are certainly mesmerizing in their own way and you need to do up yours in a way that these look just as tantalizing as hers without seeming a little too over the top.

Apply Blush over your Cheek Bones to Highlight your Facial Features

The final important tip which needs to be borne in mind if you want to follow a Katy Perry makeup tutorial in order to look like your favorite singing sensation is to apply some blush closer to the cheek bones. By doing so, you will be highlighting your features in the same way that Katy highlights or accentuates her very oval features. The blush should blend well with the foundation rather than looking too pink and bright on your face.

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